About Us

Inspiring Individuals,
Developing Teams


Who We Are and What We Do:

We are coaches and consultants with a great breadth and depth of experience in business, personal, team, and family business development. Our backgrounds as psychologists prepare us to help our clients handle the toughest of workplace dilemmas, organizational quandaries, and interpersonal challenges. We know how to help you build cultures of commitment to excellence, functional communication, and enhanced workplace morale.

Our mission is to assist our clients in achieving exceptional and lasting business results while building their people and processes to sustain momentum for ongoing growth. Our vision is that of profoundly positively impacting our clients so that they profoundly positively impact others in their organizations, families, communities and world. Our strengths include our passion for people and an unwavering commitment to integrity, respect, and possibility.

Our clients are talented, ambitious, successful individuals and teams who are striving for further success and, at the same time, greater fulfillment, in their roles, structures, and relationships. They are interested in challenge, growth, and opportunity, and want to live exceptional lives at all levels. They are willing to work for the results they desire, and recognize that they are responsible for their own success and fulfillment. They turn to us as coaches to help them do what they do even more expertly. Our clients are leaders in their organizations, communities, and in their lives, and include:

  • Corporate Executives
  • High level Managers
  • Management Teams
  • Business Owners
  • Family Business Leaders
  • Professional Groups
  • Performing Artists
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