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Corporate Coaching Program:

Insight and Growth to Enhance Executive Effectiveness

Executive coaching helps leaders clarify their personal styles of leadership, build long-term improvement in their organizations' performance, make more informed decisions, communicate more clearly and powerfully, and lead effective organizational change. The one-on-one coaching relationship provides challenge and support to effect greater self-awareness, life balance and the living out the leader's deepest personal values.

The Process :

  • State-of-the-art diagnostic and developmental methodologies are used to help leaders focus on the changes that will make the most difference to their performance.
  • In-depth interviews and focused personal assessments are conducted (an individual's profile can be benchmarked against comparable successful international executives in order to goal-set and track progress).
  • Executives receive one-on-one support in establishing performance goals, based on the range of responsibilities and relationships within their workplace and the challenges they currently face.
  • An executive action plan, with specific personal and business objectives and behavioral change goals is designed.
  • Education, challenge, and support are provided as leaders implement their development plans. Sponsors within the organization are kept abreast of progress, and resources are identified to support continuing development beyond the completion of the executive coaching program.

Greatness in leadership is contingent upon the individual's awareness of self and others, integrity, willingness to challenge and mentor others, communicating effectively, building constituencies, and recognizing and seizing opportunities that align with the larger vision. All of these abilities are addressed in executive coaching.

“CEOs can be more powerful role models when they learn rather than when they teach.” -Rosabeth Moss Kanter

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