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Family Enterprise Programs:
Creating a Lasting Legacy

When family members work together or share ownership in a business or other financial enterprise, multiple roles exist de facto. The needs and cultures of families and business clash in generally predictable ways, while each family has its own particular culture and specific values and needs. Helping families understand the normal challenges inherent in sharing business and financial success, and educating them regarding how to avoid common pitfalls, can substantially improve the family enterprise's rate of success (measured in terms of financial and relational success as well as personal happiness) and endurance across generations.

The Approach:
The family consultation provided is committed to helping family businesses and affluent families flourish across multiple generations. We have found that when such family enterprises engage in innovative and comprehensive learning processes designed to hedge against the risks inherent in owning substantial wealth or a stake in family business, they can truly thrive at unprecedented levels.

By productively addressing the different generations' developmental needs, developing effective communication processes, articulating values and goals, and strengthening familial collaboration in decision-making and problem-solving, the Family Enterprise Programs help families create their preferred vision of the future.

Programs are custom designed around each particular family enterprise's needs and therefore differ in process and content. They typically involve an assessment of families' learning and developmental needs and the presentation of a fully integrated educational and coaching program.

Learning processes encompass group educational sessions, facilitated family meetings, and individual coaching. Learning programs, utilizing the expertise of a variety of knowledge domains and experts, include such content areas as understanding the normal competing goals of business enterprise and family, values and goals clarification for individuals and families, consciously creating a family legacy for future generations, family governance, family systems theory, parenting affluent children, communication skills development, defining organizational or familial mission, conflict management skills, leadership and succession in families, transition management, and the complexities of sharing love and money.

Services include:

  • Family enterprise consultation
  • Succession and business planning
  • Leadership development coaching
  • Strategic planning for the family business or foundation
  • Conflict mediation and resolution
  • Integration of non-family managers for renewal and revitalization
  • Teambuilding & team development
  • Board Relationships

    Specific Programs, tailored to interests
    and needs of our clients:

  • Legacy charting, to help families define and articulate their vision, mission and values, as well as pass on their uniquely defining histories to the next generations
  • Family Retreats
  • Leadership development for the family enterprise
  • Successful sailing through generational and ownership transitions
  • Designing and facilitating family meetings
  • Coaching families to design their own support structures
  • Creating and managing successful sibling partnerships and cousin consortiums
  • Communicating for success in family and in business
  • Mediating conflict and learning to leverage differences
  • Know our families, know ourselves
  • The challenges and blessings of wealth: success through conscious commitment
  • Parenting and couples and family enrichment programs
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