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Management Training is essential at every level, from learning to first manage others, to CEOs learning to manage an executive team while setting strategic direction and vision for the company. At each stage in the management continuum, new skills and awareness are needed, yet are rarely taught. Some managers learn them from mentors; many do their best to teach themselves. The programs offered by Kristen Armstrong & Associates facilitates and accelerates this learning, making it possible for managers to create the teams and attain the results they aspire to in less time and with greater confidence.

Management training is done via:

  • Workshops and Seminars (see Programs page)
  • Managerial Training Modules
    We offer a customizable set of trainings via seminar and coaching for individuals and teams.
  • Management Coaching for Ongoing Development
  • Using a developmental model of management, and applying it to the unique needs and growth phase of our client companies, we offer specific trainings at each level of management within a company, ensuring managers' learning the skills and attaining the competencies required for their level of management.

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