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Succession Planning & Talent Management:

Developing Your Emerging Leadership

Effective talent management requires companies to define key leadership positions and requirements, benchmark the ideal attitudes, behaviors and traits for these positions, identify high potential candidates inside and outside the company, assess their readiness for these roles, and provide training and developmental experiences to prepare these individuals for leadership.

Equally important to talent management is creating a culture of excellence and retaining the top performers already in place. Smart companies utilize Kristen Armstrong & Associates to design talent management systems which are a good fit with their organizations' culture, goals, and strategic direction.

The Process :

  • An assessment of your organization's leadership needs: current and future.
  • A defining of the behavioral expectations, or competencies, for these leadership roles, and a clarification of the responsibilities of key positions.
  • An objective candidate assessment process is designed to fit your culture. If desired, we then assist you in identifying appropriate individuals for the company's key roles, using the jointly created assessment process.
  • Individual candidates complete personality and values inventories and are assessed in terms of thinking style, administrative and strategic planning skills, communication, and people management competencies. They are also evaluated on their coaching of others, delegation, conflict-management, and understanding of the skills required for transition to successful leadership.
  • Reports summarizing your candidates' strengths, weaknesses, career strategies and developmental objectives are created to be used as a template for decision-making and for the candidate's developmental coaching.
  • Candidates selected for development are enrolled in customized leadership development programs to provide training to fill any gaps and to prepare them for greater leadership. Coaching sessions support your managers' growth in key areas.

'The best way to predict your future is to create it.'
— Erich Fromm

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