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Team Development

With today's business complexities, fast pace, and knowledge explosion, teamwork is increasingly required to deliver excellent results. The cost of an under-performing team is great-both in terms of unrealized opportunity and in lack of commitment to the strategic agenda of the organization. The Team Development program equips teams to collaborate with increasing effectiveness, positively impacting both their enjoyment of the workplace and the company's bottom line.

The Process :

  • Team evaluations and organizational needs assessments provide the direction for team training and development.
  • Educational coaching is provided to teams, tailored to meet the needs of individual teams at their particular stages of development.
  • Team norms, strategies, communication and decision-making processes are all clarified and tuned up to bring about greater collaboration and creative problem-solving in team efforts.
  • Common dysfunctions found in teams are diagnosed and replaced with functional understandings and strategies that make real and lasting positive difference in morale and effectiveness.
  • Executive teams learn to self-evaluate and self-correct, and apply this learning to their own management teams, thus infusing the principles of effective leadership and greater coherence throughout the organization.


'None of us is as smart as all of us.'

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