Dr. Kristen Armstrong coaches couples, families, teams, leaders and organizations to co-create their desired future together. She helps them have the positive impact they aspire to have in each others’ lives and livelihoods, in their communities and in this swiftly-changing world.


Kristen's approach is embedded in these values:

Clarity: clarifying purpose and intentions as bedrock for all coaching and consulting work

Creativity: co-creating agreements, structures and processes designed to bring out the best in individuals and organizations

Communication: helping clients develop their skills of effective listening, understanding and responding while not shrinking from difficult conversations

Continuous Learning: designing a learning environment in which individual values and aspirations are expressed and sustainable solutions are designed

Courage: the work we do requires treading some hallowed ground in relationships, in legacies and in personal and professional lives, requiring courage on all parts

Common Goals: helping partners, families and organizations develop true teamwork via their agreements, processes and structures, with respect for the diversity each person brings

Common Good: we are at our best as human beings when we recognize and revere our intertwined lives, fortunes and misfortunes. Our work entails considering the impact of our choices on succeeding generations as well as on current social realities

Community Involvement & Professional Affiliations

Kristen actively involves herself in community care projects in her home town of Sonoma, CA, and around the world, providing mental health services pro bono, sponsoring several children’s housing and education in Kenya, caring for shut-ins during the pandemic, volunteering for environmental clean-up projects, serving on the Board of the Sonoma County Red Cross and the Sonoma Classical Music Society and as a mentor in the Sonoma Mentoring Alliance.

Her past professional affiliations have included:

  • FFI: a Senior Advisor in the Family Firm Institute
  • PPI: the Purposeful Planning Institute
  • CFF: Collaboration for Family Flourishing

Kristen is a 30+ year member of the American Psychological Association and a 20-year member of the Society for Consulting Psychology.